The benefits of using TNT Forex

We help you transfer money internationally with ease. We specialise in international bank to bank money transfers, which means we secure great rates at low fees.

Great rates

Don't let high street banks or other money transfer services rob you of your hard-earned money.

We source our exchange rates from a number of providers to make sure that you get the very best rate the market has to offer.

Get an instant quote now (on your left) and compare our rates.

When using your debit card online, the rate you see is the reate you get.

No hidden bank fees

Our fees are straightforward. Nothing is hidden

  • Transfers to New Zealand - £1
  • Transfers to Australia - £7
  • Transfers to South Africa - £10

Transferring money to the UK from Australia and New Zealand costs just A$5 and NZ$5 respectively.

These are the only charges you will incur!

We don't charge any receiving bank charges, which can be anything up to 0.35% of the value of your transfer.

What's more is that for transfers of £10,000 (A$25,000 and NZ$25,000) or above, we will not charge you anything for the transfer and you will receive a preferential rate of exchange!

Faster transactions

Once we have cleared funds and all necessary documentation for the transfer, your funds will reach your overseas account in no longer than 3 working days.

Please note that we do not take responsibility for any losses incurred on the exchange rate should the payment be delayed for any reason that is beyond our control.

Easy to use online systems

Our online system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can transfer from the comfort of your own home.

You are able to check the status of your transfer from wherever you are in the world, and also view a complete history of all pending and complete transactions.

Safe, secure and fully compliant

Our online system is built to the highest industry security standards so you can have peace of mind that your money is in good hands.

In terms of anti-money laundering, we are also fully compliant with the latest Money Laundering Regulations and are a registered Money Service Business (MSB) regulated in the UK by HM Customs & Excise. MSB registration number 12148630.

Unrivalled customer service

We have a dedicated team that strives to provide you with an unrivalled customer experience that will be matched by no-one in the market. Give us a try, we reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3D Secure
The safest debit card facility available for online money transfers
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